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Oshtemo Twp

Oshtemo is unique, in that the Rental Housing Ordinance scope is limited to 4 unit buildings and higher, so all 4-plexes, some 8’s, 12’s, 24’s, several in the 150-350 unit range and largest complex having 937 units.


To eliminate the potential for cross-contamination spread of the virus from unit to unit, I plan to recommend inspections are limited to common areas, corridors, utility/laundry rooms and grounds. I consult with the Fire Marshal on each complex also. He will be in the meeting. I may suggest that we include self-check questionnaires for residents with basic guidance on life-safety checklist and invitation to contact the Ordinance Enforcement Department with any safety/maintenance issues not being addressed. With mostly professional management in larger complexes, I have an easier time with the rentals in Oshtemo than I experienced in the City of Kalamazoo, where ALL rental units are required to be inspected systematically.  We do receive property maintenance complaints for duplexes and SFR’s, but with Oshtemo being largely suburban-rural, not really that frequent. Mostly zoning, exterior property maintenance and nuisance complaints (noise, lighting, blight, litter, junk vehicles, plant growth/weeds, dumping, stormwater/soil erosion, sidewalks, illegal signs, etc.).  I also am involved with Public Works with sidewalk permit inspections, ADA compliance checks for new construction, etc., and Planning Dept. for site plan compliance inspections and enforcement. Most of these complaints can be checked without direct engagement. I have reduced field inspections to one day per week, and stay plenty busy working remotely from my home office.

R. Suwarsky

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It looks like multi-unit buildings will be the greatest concern for a lot of us.

I like your idea of a self-check questionnaire for tenants to fill out.

You would definitely have to make clear the intended scope of the questionnaire so you're not getting a bunch of normal work orders that haven't been submitted to maintenance yet. Good idea.