What is the Michigan Association of Housing Officials (MAHO)?

MAHO is a professional association that supports members in the home and environmental inspection industry.

What is the mission of MAHO?

The mission of MAHO is to provide education, resources, and networking opportunities to help its members succeed in their careers.

What types of membership levels does MAHO offer?

MAHO offers student, associate, and professional membership levels to meet the needs of home and environmental inspection professionals.

What resources are available to MAHO members?

MAHO members have access to a variety of resources, including education and training, job listings, and networking opportunities.

Does MAHO offer certification for home and environmental inspection professionals?

MAHO does not offer certification for home and environmental inspection professionals, but it does provide education and training opportunities that can help members meet certification requirements.

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If you're a home or environmental inspector looking for support and resources, we encourage you to join MAHO today. Our association is committed to helping you succeed in your career and grow your network of industry professionals.