Our Board & Leadership

MAHO Leadership


Kathryne Leonard

City of Muskegon SAFEbuilt

Work: (231) 215-5646 ext 1130
[email protected]

Vice President:

Nicole Pfeifle (2nd term)

City of Grand Rapids
1120 Monroe NW, Suite 300
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Work: (231) 838-4106
[email protected]


Kristi Burch

City of Holland

Work: (616 ) 355-1307
[email protected]


Dee Thurkettle

City of Muskegon SAFEbuilt

Work: (231) 557-8353
[email protected]

Board of Directors

The elected board members of the Michigan Association of Housing Officials (MAHO) meet regularly to discuss and make decisions on various matters related to the organization. These meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month and are an important way for the board to stay informed, make plans, and provide oversight for MAHO’s activities.

At these meetings, board members may discuss a range of topics, including upcoming events and activities, budgetary matters, membership recruitment and retention, advocacy efforts, and strategic planning. They may also review and approve reports from committees or staff members, discuss any challenges or concerns facing the organization, and make decisions on policy or programmatic changes.

In addition to their monthly meetings, board members may also participate in other activities to support the work of MAHO, such as serving on committees or task forces, attending conferences and events, and engaging with members and stakeholders in the housing industry. Through their dedication and service, the board members of MAHO play a crucial role in advancing the organization’s mission and ensuring its continued success.

Toby Fredericksen

Muskegon Charter Township

Work: (231) 638-0235
[email protected]

Christopher Ruohonen

City of Kalamazoo

Work: (269) 337-8515
[email protected]

Janelle Naber

City of Grand Rapids

Work: (616) 456-3581
[email protected]

Sarah Martinez

City of Holland

Work: (616) 355-1369

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