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About Us

The Michigan Association of Housing Officials (MAHO) is a statewide organization of housing and other local government code enforcement staff responsible for the protection of persons, property, and the general public welfare. MAHO is a non-profit organization that provides training and certification opportunities for increasing professionalism. MAHO seeks to provide this training at the lowest possible cost for its members.

Training Opportunities

MAHO strives to provide four training opportunities each year. The annual meeting is held in June located on the shores of Traverse City. This three-day training seminar includes the annual meeting where board members and officers are elected.

  • Promotion of health and safety in dwelling units.
  • Development of close cooperation with other housing agencies, associations, and individuals having similar interests.
  • Uniform administration of policies and procedures.
  • Development or promulgation of a state-wide housing code.
  • Continuing education of members and the public.
  • Promotion of a housing strategy and plan to address Michigan’s housing problems.

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If you're a home or environmental inspector looking for support and resources, we encourage you to join MAHO today. Our association is committed to helping you succeed in your career and grow your network of industry professionals.