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Michigan Association of Housing Officials
Spring Seminar Agenda
April 16
, 2020


3899 Coolidge Drive

East Lansing, MI 48823



8:30 AM- Continental Breakfast

Morning Session: 9AM

Topic: Introduction to Lead in Housing –ICC PP COURSE # 22950

Course overview:

  • Past and present uses of lead as it relates to housing.
  • Unexpected consequences of bringing lead into our homes.
  • Inspection and treatment of lead based paint in housing.
  • Q & A.

This course will discuss the uses of lead, both past and present and the unexpected consequences of bringing it in to our homes.  Includes best practices for the identification and treatment of Lead Based paint in housing.

Presenter: Ken Holton is the Program Manager, for the City of Grand Rapids Lead Hazard Control program and Housing Rehabilitation Lead Worker. His certifications include Lead Supervisor, Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor/ EBL Investigator, Asbestos Inspector and Certified Renovator. He has played an integral role in the success of the City’s Housing Rehabilitation programs and has an extensive background in building and remodeling. He has been involved with lead remediation since 2003 and is well respected in the community.


Lunch: 12PM

Afternoon Session: 1PM

Topic:  Solar Panels ICC PP Course#- 23517

Presenter: The Green Panel  – Evan Upshur

Course overview:

  • Introduction to solar renewable energy: system, components & products.
  • Installation methods & Code requirements.
  • Environmental impacts & energy saving potential of solar energy.
  • Review of government & industry incentives promoting renewable energy including cost-benefit analysis of systems available in today’s market.
  • Q & A.


This course will provide an overview of solar renewable energy systems including design, installation methods, installation challenges and Code requirements. Course includes an introduction to products available to reduce homeowner’s carbon footprint in efforts of achieving electrical independence and will review incentives as they relate to renewable energy.



In 2007, The Green Panel, Inc. introduced an Engineer, Furnish & Install (EF&I) concept to their solar customers in Michigan and across North America. Wherever possible, The Green Panel utilizes Made in America / Made in Michigan solar components for their systems and their efforts in the Midwest are helping to spur the renewable energy industry.


Utilizing their own fulfillment center to logistically maintain inventory for immediate shipment allows The Green Panel to preserve a first to market concept. Continued demand for their services has allowed them to branch out horizontally into other offerings, including electrical, telecommunications and batteries to fully compliment their customer’s expectations.


The Green Panel’s commitment to safety is at the forefront of company goals. They adhere to a Zero Incident Policy (ZIP), which includes constant ongoing safety training with strict operating guidelines.