As of February 2019, MAHO has 170 members from many areas of Michigan. MAHO provides high quality educational opportunities at a reasonable cost for our members.

     Annual membership dues are valid from January 1st through December 31st each year. Individual memberships may be paid at anytime during the year.


     Individual memberships are $40 each. Institutional membership fees are available for municipalities with more than five members and must be paid by January 31st each year. Institutional memberships are $40 each for the first five members and a reduced cost of $20.00 to each additional members.


(To be eligible for this reduced rate structure, all institutional membership forms must be submitted together.)


Constitution And Bylaws

Article I

Section I:Purpose

The purpose of this Association shall be to promote and strengthen the principles and practices
underlying the laws and ordinances relative to the enforcement of housing codes.

Section II: Objectives

1. Promotion of health and safety in all dwelling units.
2. Development of close cooperation with other housing agencies, associations and individuals
having similar interests.
3. Uniform administration of policies and procedures.
4. Development or promulgation of a statewide housing code.
5. Continuing education of members and the public.
6. Promotion of housing strategy and plan to address Michigan’s housing problems.

Article II

Section I: Membership

There shall be three (3) types of membership, namely: Principal, Associate and Honorary.
Principal Membership shall be open to persons who are actively engaged in and have the
responsibility for inspection and/or enforcement of codes and ordinances regulating existing
dwelling units and premises, building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire, zoning and all other
codes involved in the construction of all buildings, or are educators or community development
employees in the area of housing, housing rehabilitation or code enforcement.
Associate Membership shall be open to all suppliers, contractors, construction designers,
building material sales personnel and other individuals or companies associated with the housing
Honorary Membership shall be open to individuals who have rendered unusual service in the
furtherance of the objectives of this Association. Application for membership shall be made to the
Secretary on forms furnished by the Association. Applicant shall be classified and admitted to
membership by the membership committee.

Article III

Officers of the Association shall be:
Vice President
All officers shall be elected for a one-year term and must be principle members at the time of election
and during their term of office. No member shall be eligible for re-election for the same position for
more than two consecutive terms.

Section II: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) members: four (4) officers, four (4) directors and the
immediate past president.
The immediate past president is a non-elected board member and shall serve no more than two (2)
consecutive terms.

Section III: Election of Officers

Nominations. The names of candidates for Officers and Directors as required by Sections I and II shall
be presented by a nominating committee appointed by the President.
Any principal member may make additional nominations from the floor. All nominations shall then be
placed before the principal membership at the annual meeting.
NOTE: The nomination committee shall strive to preserve statewide representation among the Officers and
Vacancies. Should the President vacate office, the Vice President shall assume the Presidency for the
remainder of the term. Vacancies in all other offices shall be filled by a combined majority vote of the
Directors and the Officers.
Voting. Only principal members of the Association are entitled to voting privileges.
Terms of Office. Terms of offices shall begin upon adjournment of the annual meeting. All officers
shall be elected for one-year terms. Directors shall be elected for two-year terms with two Directors
elected each year.

Section IV: Duties of Officers and Directors

A. The President shall:
1. Notify the members and/or Board of matters pertaining to the Association;
2. Prepare an agenda for all Board and Membership meetings
3. Appoint a director to serve as chairperson of any standing committees such as: education,
membership, legislation, financial, website management and certification.
B. The President may appoint special committees when required or requested at any general meeting.

C. Each chairperson may appoint five additional committee members from the principal membership.
D. Standing committee member terms shall be one year. Longer service shall be at the pleasure of the
committee chairperson.
E. The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President and perform as directed by the
F. The Secretary shall keep the records and minutes, take care of correspondence and other related
duties as the Board of Directors may direct or as assigned by the President.
G. The Treasurer shall keep records and verification of all charges, expenditures and funds received
and disburse funds of the Association as directed and approved by the Board of Directors.
Financial reports shall be made at each meeting and at other times as requested by the Board. The
President may assign other duties.
H. Directors shall assist the President and the Association. They shall also serve as the auditing
I. All officers and members of the Board of Directors understand the importance of attending the
monthly Board meetings and will strive to be present. Any elected Officer or Director shall be
removed from the Board when absent for more than three Board meetings in a six month period
except when that absence is excused by an action of the Board.

Article IV

Section I: Meetings of the Membership

There shall be an annual meeting per year. The Board of Directors shall set the Date. The Board of
Directors may set additional membership meetings. A minimum of 15 days notice shall be given for all

Section II: Quorum

A. Representation at any membership meeting by at least 10 members entitled to vote constitutes a
B. Representation at any Board of Directors meeting by at least four members shall constitute a
The Fiscal Year of the Association shall begin on June 1st.

Article V

Amendments. Association by-lays may be amended at any membership meeting by a vote of threefourths
of the eligible voters present, provided that at least thirty days notice of the proposed amendment shall have been sent to each Association member.

Article VI

Dues. There shall be an annual membership cost. The Board of Directors will determine the annual cost.
There shall be an Institutional Rate structure with dues assessed at the annual membership cost for the
first five members and half the annual cost for the remaining members from the same organization or
municipality. All institutional rate membership applications shall be submitted together.
Membership dues shall be for the calendar year. Delinquent members lose all voting and office holding

Article VII

The order of business of the annual meeting shall be as follows:
1. Call to Order
2. Reading of the minutes
3. Reading treasurers Annual Report
4. Presidents report
5. Report of committee chairpersons
6. Old Business
7. New Business
8. Election of officers
9. Adjournment
The order of business for all other meetings shall be set by the President and approved by the Board of